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Ball and Logo Performance

Ball and Logo Performance

Logo Performance

This ball was actual ball that played 36 holes 150 strokes from brand new.

The print held up pretty well maybe even better than the ball.


Ball Performance

How Do Refinished Balls Perform?

Numbers Don't Lie!

Independent tests have been conducted to show exactly how differently a refinished ball performs compared with its brand new counterpart.

So here is the test:

Balls exactly the same as the ones we supply to you were taken to an independent golf ball testing facility (Advanced Golf Solutions) that tests new balls for many of the top manufacturers. All the grades of recycled and refinished balls were tested. Our range of refinished balls showed a negligible difference in performance from a brand new ball.

And here’s what we found out:

The balls in all the various grades tested against new golf balls right out the package show only a very minimal loss of carry distance. Our refinished range was so well performed that with a driver the maximum loss of carry over a drive of about 260 yards is only a loss of around 7 inches (17.8cm)! We showed similar proportional results with both a wedge and 6 iron as indicated in the graphs below.

Test Results Highlights:

Overall Evaluation:

Insignificant Total Carry Difference

“Our data proves new balls and pre-owned balls are basically interchangeable,” says Tony Nelson, President of AGS. “I don’t see how the average golfer would notice a difference – except for the price.”

Insignificant Spin Rate Difference

Insignificant Launch Angle Difference

Minimal Descent Angle Difference

Insignificant Apex Height Difference

Insignificant Float Time Difference

Test Parameters:

Tests were conducted by Advanced Golf Solutions LLC. an independent certified golf ball testing facility in Sarasota, Florida USA
Date of test: 11/17/2009
Temperature Range: 79F to 83F
Humidity Range: 49% to 54%
Wind Direction: ESE
WindSpeed: 3.2 MPH to 6.4 MPH
Wind Effect: Minimal Tail / Crossing
Tests were conducted by canon for consistent RPM at an 18% launch angle with 0% side axis and at 57 PSI.