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FAQ on Customisation/Personalisation process- Ball Printing Options

FAQ Ball Printing Options


Remember at Divot Golf your text message is Free

It's as simple as one, two, three and Fore!

No origination charges or hidden costs:

Free Text Personalisation

Personalise with text Upto 3 lines with 12 characters per line recommended as maximum. The printable diameter is the size of a 20 cent coin (approx) so the more characters including spaces and punctuation the smaller the text has to be. Hey we can print it so small you will need a microscope to read it! (sarcastic) But that isn't the objective we want to get your special text message out there on a golf ball for everyone to see.

After all it is a golf ball not a billboard!

 How would you like to customise your golf ball today! 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 

Step 1  Choose the golf balls you want to customise. 

Step 2  Choose from the options available; if you want No Logo, Single sided Text, Double sided Text, Logo/Image, Double sided Logo or Image,  Logo or Image with Text, Double sided Logo or Image with Text on your golf balls.* required

Step 3  Depending on your choice of option add up to 3 lines of text or Upload image, with text and image options really best to have just one line of text . You can even choose the text colour all optional of course. Unless specified we will print without PROOF APPROVAL your text request in a bold solid font like ARIAL with all lines centred in black ink. Our ink is a special solvent ink specifically developed for golf ball imprinting.

Step 4  To Submit your order just click 

All of the customisation options are:

  • Customised (Factory Refinished)
  • Customised Premium (Factory Refinished)
  • Customised Clean Skin (Factory New)
  • Customised (Factory New)
  • Customised Premium (Factory New)
  • Divot Stock Image (Factory New)

There are no set up charges no extra fees, There are no minimum orders the only limitation is on package size which is an industry standard. If you need just one (1) ball printed please email us or give us a call and we will be happy to help you. refer to our contact page. As a rule the text, image or both is printed the same on all the balls associated with that package size, 3, 12, 22 etc. Just remember anything is feasible it we are all a little flexible and we can be flexible under most circumstances.

The maximum print area is approximately 22mm diameter (size of a NZ 20 cent coin) for personalised golf balls. This can vary depending on the type of artwork e.g square, circle or rectangle, which all print at slightly different sizes.
You can upload your artwork, picture, logo or text online and it will be attached to your order.

We can print up to 3 lines of text on your personalised golf balls. The same option is available for side two which is an extra charge. For best results you should limit each line to a maximum of 12 characters otherwise the text will appear very small.
The list of fonts available is similar to those you might find in any word program some examples of fonts we use on a regular basis are:


We will use the largest font size we can limited by the print size for your personalised golf balls.

For best results please supply a hi-resolution jpeg image. You can have a logo or text printed on the  for an extra charge.
Some logos may appear small if they are wide or tall because the maximum print area is 22mm diameter.

We can print a multiple photos/ logos or different text onto any of our personalised golf balls. Please email us with your requirements and we will send a quotation soon after with proof if required.

We print personalised golf ball orders using high tech full colour printers.
These printers can print photos and logos in full colour (including gradients) and the results are excellent.

The maximum print area for personalised golf balls is approx 22mm diameter (size of a NZ 20 cent coin). For the best quality results please provide a high resolution image, preferably in a JPG, PNG or PDF.
Our print team will ensure that we print your design the same or very similar to the design which you approve online. We may crop photos for you (usually in a circle or square) if we feel that your design will not print well, we will offer alternatives and or recommendations to ensure the best possible outcome for your personalised golf balls
We quality check the personalised balls before they are despatched in secure packaging to ensure that they arrive in good condition.

The printing is mostly permanent but can last for some time depending on the conditions of play. We use a industry specific type of printing ink and a preparatory spray before printing to ensure that the design does not rub off easily after printing.

Technical Information

If you have any other technical queries please email us or give us a call and we will be happy to help you. refer to our contact page.