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What is a Cleanskin Golf Ball

What is a Cleanskin Golf Ball

Blank golf balls that can be affordably purchased,

without any designs or logos, enabling the basic white golf ball to easily be personalised with a message, nickname, image or company logo.

These make the perfect gift for the avid golfer or as a promotional memento for numerous events and functions.

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Golf trips
  • Gifts
  • Wedding
  • Novelty

Furthermore, these blank golf balls were designed with a fantastic 2-piece construction and Surlyn Cover to deliver your message with every swing.

R & A - USGA approved 2-piece construction made with aerodynamic dimples for enhanced accuracy.

Provided without a sleeve or box unless ordered. Personalization available. Surlyn Cover for durability and distance.

Hardness: 80 - 90

Color: White

Brand Name: None

Conformation: Two Piece Ball

Player Ability: Mid - High hcp